Saturday: Mildura – Gundagai (418- 1053km)

So it turns out that listing to music is great during a long ride…

It’s a pity that I can’t control the MP3 player remotely when riding, I have to stop, unzip everything to get to it. Simon is bugging me to get an Iphone, so I guess I should look into it, but I’m not sure how much better the control will be.

The Hay planes are great!
We tried the top end speed of our bikes, which got up to 150km/h…. after some time. We filled the bikes up just before Hay and then again in Hay, just to see how much more petrol we need when we are pushing the bikes a bit harder.  It was  about 0.5L/100km, so not too bad.

In Wagga Wagga we had a nice coffee at Maccers and contemplated if we should push on or not since the sun was low and the next city was about an hour away. We decided to try it and take it easy when it got dark.
The whole way was a nicely paved and fenced off highway, so we didn’t expect any Kangaroos.

The sun was setting in our back and the moon was rising over the hills just in front of us. It was a absolutely stunning scene. Later one we heard that the moon was at this night closes to the earth since a couple of years.  Here’s a happy snap:

When we arrived in Gundagai we found a very nice hotel, went to the RSL for tea, had a short stroll through the city and went to bed. Suddenly, in the middle of the night there was some disturbance.  Somebody took the wrong person into their room, so 3 people came to the motel in the middle of the night to correct it. In the end it was not really serious but it is scary when you wake up and hear some door banging, things smashing and some screaming voices!



  1. Hah! And you tell me not to ride at night 😛

    Iphone is great, but you’re right you’d need to find a way of remote controlling it that works with gloves and is weather proof. The headphones I’ve got (wired I know) do okay if I’m just trying to start music or skip a song… But I’m sure there’s something out that’ll work for you! 🙂

  2. Yo, it works well! I’m going to become really good at spying on you! Enjoy your rest and beer tonight 😉 -we’ll talk soon! Hi Simon! Read your comment above, too right! 🙂

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