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Date: 27/12 City: Granada, Nicaragua Kilometres ridden: 162 Cumulative kilometre: 29145 In the morning we packed the bikes before we had breakfast. We met Kathy again and had breakfast together. Rick was walking in the hills and joined us later. … Continue reading

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Christmas in Selva Negra (Black Forest/Schwarzwald)

Date: 23/12 City: Selva Negra, Nicaragua Kilometres ridden: 158 Cumulative kilometre: 28983 Yesterday we bought some Christmas hats; it took a while before we found some. The people in the streets looked at us a bit strange when they saw … Continue reading

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Doomsday – or not?

Date: 20/12 City: Leon, Nicaragua Kilometres ridden: 194 Cumulative kilometre: 28825 In the middle of the night, around 3:30AM, there were fireworks and church bells ringing. We imagined that this was the way to inform the troops that the enemy … Continue reading

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The way to Nicaragua

Date: 16/12 City: Rio Dulce, Guatemala Kilometres ridden: 224 Cumulative kilometre: 27815 We left a bit later, since I wanted to put some Christmas decorations onto our bikes and Almi had another PC for Sigrid to fix. Almi’s sister – … Continue reading

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